Greenfield Brass Band

!!!   Equipment Amnesty   !!!


Do you have any items cluttering up your house that belong to Greenfield Brass Band??


  • Intruments
  • Mutes
  • Uniforms
  • Music


If you have anything, we would REALLY like it back, no questions matter how long you've had it, or what condition it's in!


Send us a message via Facebook / our website or email

About us:


We are a 38 year old established third section band based in the heart of brass band country, rehearsing in the village of Greenfield, Saddleworth. The infamous Whit Friday contest is quite literally on our doorstep and we have had notable success in all sorts of

competitions over the years. We have a large concert repertoire for any occasion including: weddings, garden parties and as a marching band for processions etc. We also promote our own seasonal concerts throughout the year which are proving increasingly popular. 


At the beginning of 2022, Greenfield Band adopted a new mission statement which is:


'To provide Greenfield with a brass band to be proud of within and outside the community'


We do this by:


Providing the opportunity for local people, of all ages, to get involved with the band

Forming partnerships with local organisations

Staging high quality events in Greenfield and the surrounding community, working together with nationally and internationally recognised artists to enhance the cultural calendar of Greenfield and its wider localities


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